Committee Room

If you wish to join the society, ask us a question about DUPA, get general advice on your camera or buy film, come down during office hours.

Office Hours:

Ben (Equipment Officer ) – Tuesdays 11:00-12:00pm
Ivan (Chair)  – Thursdays 12.00-13:00pm



To find the Committee Room, walk down the path to the Bank of Ireland ATM next to the Dining Hall. Turn right to enter the building. Turn left and walk past the Enquiries Office into the Atrium. Go through the door at the left side of the Atrium. Walk right, down the corridor, through the double doors. Room 1, the DUPA Committee Room, is on your left.

It can be a bit complicated to make the journey to the depths of the Atrium to find the committee room and Atrium Darkroom. More information on how to get to the rooms is here.