Classes this semester

Here’s a list of upcoming classes for anyone that didn’t get our flyer.


Every Wednesday evening we meet in the Arts Block for our classes.
Our classes are taught by are very talented classes officer, Gab, who
has several years’ experience teaching the course. The curriculum is as

  • 26.09.12: Introduction to DUPA and Introduction to Photography
  • 3.10.12: Introduction to your Camera
  • 31.10.12: Introduction to Composition
  • 14.11.12: Introduction to Digital Photography
  • 21.11.12: Advanced Camera Handling I – Metering
  • 12.12.12: Advanced Camera Handling II – Lenses


Our Masterclass series is a new addition to DUPAs events. Every few
weeks we will have a professional photographer give an in detail class
on their area of photography. So far we have confirmed classes from:

• Andrew Kelly – Wildlife and Nature Photographer – 26.9.2012
• Ray McManus – Sports Photographer – International Sports Press Photo award winner 2011
• Lucia O’Connor-McCarthy – Fashion Photography
• Tim Jarvis – Retired NME Photographer
• Gareth McCormack – Landscape Photographer