• No smoking. Chemicals are flammable so anyone caught smoking will be expelled from DUPA and reported to the Junior Dean.
  • No eating or drinking. Anyone caught eating or drinking will be liable to an appropriate fine and/or suspension from the darkroom.

Using Chemicals

  • Use all chemicals according to the instructions provided.
  • Always wash your hands afterwards.
  • It is safe to touch the chemicals, but ensure you do not mix chemicals between different baths.

Disposal Of Chemicals

  • Do not pour exhausted developer and fixer into the sink. Instead, pour them into the provided waste bottles.
  • After emptying, wash all storage bottles several times with water.

Leaving The Darkroom

  • Pour usable developer and fixer back into the storage bottles.
  • Pour exhausted developer and fixer into the provided waste bottles.
  • Wash all trays and tongs several times with water and leave them to dry.
  • Tidy the darkroom by throwing away unsuccessful prints, etc.
  • Switch off all electrical equipment, such as the enlarger and dryer.
  • Turn off the taps.
  • Switch off the extractor fan.
  • Switch off the lights.
  • Lock the door, ensuring that you are not locking the keys inside the darkroom.