Exhibition Submission Time

Exhibition Submission Time

Here we go dupalings, our first exhibition of the year.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our 4th Week Exhibition ‘DEPICTING PROTEST’

The exhibition seeks to highlight to work of students, societies and activist groups involved in protesting the status quo. Movements like Take Back Trinity, Strike for Repeal, Take Back the City, Pride and the End Direct Provision marches (among others!) have been to the forefront of the public conscience recently.

Photographers can get to the frontlines of these protests and offer a unique perspective of the movement through their pictures. This is a fantastic opportunity to see your photographs displayed to a professional standard, so we strongly encourage you to submit your work. Thanks to Trinity Societies C.S.C. for supporting this 4th Week event.

Here’s how it works:
– You can submit up to 4 images.
– Photos should be no less than 1MB
– JPEG or PNG only
– They don’t have to be new, we want to showcase the photographer just as much as their work! If you have some older shots you feel are some of your best, send them our way.
– You can suggest how your work should be displayed.
– We will consider all submissions.

Please email your submission to exhibitions@duphotos.net with the subject line “PROTEST 2018”. Be sure to include your name and the captions required for each photograph. Good luck!!