Featured photographer #6: Aidan Murray


This weeks featured photographer is Aidan Murray. We have some of our favourite shots here in this post but to check out more of his work you can find his latest photos in the link below:




“I have always wanted to be able to paint or draw, and have always greatly admired those who could.I believe it’s ability to capture the beauty, however abstract, in ones minds eye that is enviable. Sadly, this is not a gift I possess and I am about as graceful with my hands as something not very graceful. But photography was always something I felt I understood and really enjoyed. It’s a thing of light, of optics, of physics. I also think my penchant for image manipulation stems from this love of the surreal.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I would experiment with the family camera from a young age, which often brought annoyed looks from my father and his oft-repeated phrase, that “a photo was a waste if no one was in it”. Luckily, I ignored his advice. Perhaps he had a point, it was back in the bygone days of film cameras and he was the one paying for development after all.
When I turned about 14, I decided to invest in a new digital camera. I had saved and saved, and researched and researched to get what I had thought was the best camera in a reasonable price range. When I had finally got to the point of purchase, I believe my choice was already obsolete, though my mind had been made up. It was (by today’s standards) a fairly bad 4M compact, but I loved it. After which I would save my pocket money to then print off the photographs at the local supermarket.
I personally quite enjoy macro photography, and often pair it selective colouring. Though I am keen to learn the craft, and am quick to attempt any new trick photography I can find. Often setting up make shift “studios” on the kitchen table with bedsheets. I currently use my Nikon D5100 I got back in September, and am really enjoying it!”
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