Featured photographer #4: Sergey Alifanov


This weeks featured photographer is Sergey Alifanov. We have some of our favourite shots here in this post but to check out more of his work you can find his latest photos in the links below:
Facebook Page


“I started doing photography two years ago when my family bought a DSLR camera before going on holidays. At first I had only a mild interest in taking photos, but I did like to experiment with them in Photoshop because back then I was deeply interested in graphic design. As time moved on, I seemed to notice that people tend to take alarmingly similar images of famous landmarks in their travels and even in everyday life. This observation sparked my curiosity in photography as an art form, I tried to find more original angles and viewpoints when taking a photograph but my photo editing skills probably remain my strongest point today. I feel that the importance of getting the right tone, mood, and atmosphere of an image is paramount. As a result of this quest for mood in photos I experimented with film photography too with the Soviet Zenit ET camera. As regards genres, I like landscape photography, messing with long-exposure, and taking pictures of architecture, exterior and interior alike.”


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