Featured photographer #5: Sana Sanai

Our first featured photographer of this semester is Sana Sanai. We have some of our favourite shots below.







“I’ve been into photography from a young age and, honestly, don’t really have a focus. I take my camera with me to most places almost out of some mild fear of missing a good photo opportunity.






I feel it’s easier for a lot of people to capture impressive images of landscapes over which we have little control, so I often prefer photographing people (posing or not). Having said that, for me the perfect time for photographing landscapes is just before dusk, when you can capture landmarks and natural beauties as they verge on becoming silhouettes. I try to shy away from too much editing when capturing landscapes as it’s pretty easy to just turn a mediocre image into a brilliant and aesthetically pleasing photograph by radically altering some of the colours…although sometimes my inner love for toying with the abundant tools of Photoshop does get the better of me…”





As always, If have any work that you’d like to see featured on the website just drop us a mail at dupa@csc.tcd.ie.