Freshers Week Events

Freshers week is almost upon us and we have lots of stuff lined up for you guys this year. Along with being on the DUPA stand on front square all week where you can come along to find out what we have to offer, we’ll also have our infamous DUPAbooth set up in the Phil conversation room in the GMB on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so make sure to pop by and get your picture taken!

On Tuesday afternoon we’ll be running a special photo walk for freshers on campus, so bring along your cameras and we can adventure around the cool and secret parts of Trinity DUPA-style. If you don’t have a camera, don’t worry! We’ll have a limited number of disposable cameras to give out for those who need them. We’ll be meeting at the front arch at 2:45 and the walk will begin at 3.

On Tuesday Evening, DUPA and Juggling Soc will be teaming up for the Juggling Soc’s Fire show in Front Square! Bring along your cameras and tripods to get some artsy long exposures of the event. Even if you’ve never shot anything like this before or are a beginner we’ll be on hand to help you or give you advice on using your cameras. The show starts at 7 so we’ll be meeting at front arch at around 6:45 for anyone who wants to join us!

The DUPAbooth will also be making an appearance in the Atrium on Thursday afternoon for the “TAF Atrium Arts Afternoon” where we’ll be joining Vis Arts, Fish Soc, DU Food and Drink, Knit Soc and Juggling Soc for lots of friendly banter and creativity. We’ll also be recording a timelapse video of the atrium during the event so it’s worth popping by even for a minute to be immortalised in our lovely movie.

Last but certainly not least, DUPA and The University Times will be a running a freshers week photography competition! Just snap away and capture whatever freshers week means to you. Entrants can submit up to 10  photos to either or over the week. The pictures will be judged next weekend and the best will receive some great prizes along with being published both here and on the University Times website. Even if you don’t have a camera you can still get involved as some of the prizes will be reserved for pictures taken on camera phones and other other devices.

Hope you all have a great freshers week!