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Searching for porn on the internet just got easier not that it was hard before. Boodigo , a porn search engine created by porn producer Colin Rowntree and ex-Google programmers, filters out the web's non-sexy content to get you exactly what you're looking for. No more pictures of old brass instruments when you search for rusty trombones. Boodigo goes straight for the gutter. This isn't the first porn-only search engine.

In many ways, sex is the ultimate equalizer. Which is one of the reasons why so much great writing and comedy has emerged from this deeply human experience.

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There are countless books, films and stand up specials out there dedicated to the intricacies, etiquette and expectations of getting laid.

But the internet says it all better, and more succinctly, and frankly, a damn sight funnier.

Hot, Heavy, and Highly NSFW - the Sexiest GIFs of All Time. May 3, by Tara Block. Share This Link Copy < Use Arrow Keys > Like, really When I was 20, I met my first very well-endowed man, who in a way "trained" me to take a large penis. Since then, I've been in two monogamous long It's hard to imagine anyone getting turned on by "Crash," but you have to give Cronenberg and his fearless actors credit for unblinkingly investigating the mechanics (pun very much intended Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

will speak to your soul. Not to mention your other parts.

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United States. Type keyword s to search.

The year-old actress made a 'Big Bang' on the app on Wednesday Girl/Girl Scene: Directed by Tucky Williams. With Tucky Williams, Maya Jamner, Amanda K. Morales, Roni Jonah. Gay girls just want to have fun. Join bad girl Evan, blonde bombshell Bridget, party girl Ryan and their friends as they live and The Sexiest GIFs of All Time Hot, Heavy, and Highly NSFW - the Sexiest GIFs of All Time. May 3, by Tara Block. View On One Page Photo 21 of 40 ADVERTISEMENT Start Slideshow

Today's Top Stories. The Men's Health Day Mobility Challenge. In addition to being objectively fun, GIFGIF wanted to use the data it received to help assign emotional assessment to GIFs, furthering how we might unilaterally understand them or not. While the team wanted to see how different countries assigned emotion to GIFs, there were too many Americans using the voting system to make such a determination. Still, Travis Rich, who works at MIT Media Lab on the project, says they were able to make some observations.

They understood emoji just fine, but couldn't see how GIFs carried the same ambiguity. For example, he says these people related a dancing Will Smith GIF as meaning "Will Smith," not "generic sense of happiness.

When Yahoo bought it, duphotos.net tried to clean up its act, and made it hard for people to search for explicit content. This pissed a lot of people off, but it didn't really change duphotos.net's reputation It's Really, Really Hard to Turn Speech Into GIFs. "Many older people I talked to or demoed the work to just couldn't fathom that people were really, truly, honestly using GIFs Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Apr 12, Nickelodeon. Let's be honest: sex is great. What's not to love? It feels good, it makes you feel closer to your partner, and frankly, there are much worse ways to pass the time Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

GIFGIF also turned to the Giphy API to power its apps-and were more than happy with the decision. And this is exactly what Giphy wants to see. He points out a few similar projects using the Giphy API, like Gifline which translates GIFs inside Gmail and ZZZine which turns your top tweets into GIFs.

The business of translating text and speech into Internet-preferred mediums isn't a GIF-only operation. Emoji have also dominated this landscape-there are a myriad of emoji translation services available.

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Maybe there's something about emoji that just makes them easier to decipher; they are a more compact language format, there's less going on. Perhaps written and spoken language is more ably identified by Unicode.

He doesn't discount GIFs, though: "Good GIFs have the advantage of being incredibly specific while being very versatile," offering this strange moment in television history as being able to "convey a funny, weird reaction. A recent study from One Hour Translation found that depending on location and language, a person will read strings of emoji text very differently.

One person's "they found him and he ran away" finger point emoji followed by wind blowing emoji is another person's "you farted!

Rich thinks that creating a capable GIF translator has less to do with developing the app than furthering understanding how we interpret the images themselves.

GIFGIF has a demo that shows off its ability to identify sentiment, and if eventually someone is able to make an engine that converts sentiment to text, then it could be plugged into the GIFGIF backend and produce a GIF that more accurately represents your feelings. Question is: Who will build it? Certainly Google, with its trove of national language processing data, coupled with its database of animated GIFs, could make inroads.

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