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Like many of those who created it in s and '60s garages, the postwar hot-rod culture has grown mature, rich and rather respectable. In place of personalized jalopies cobbled together with cannibalized parts, many modern hot rods flaunt the latest electronic toys, custom fiberglass bodywork and nearly fluorescent paint. High-end customizers such as Boyd Coddington are television celebrities, building costly cars on camera for wealthy collectors. In counterpoint, like Goths amid the temples of Rome, younger hot rodders are taking the hobby back to its greasy, bare-bones basics. Their rough and ragged cars, often called rat rods, wear matte black and gray primer and roll out on steel wheels wearing wide whitewall tires. Clubs of rat rodders are flourishing, and shows of these old-style, do-it-yourself cars - part of a growing movement for traditional hot rods and Kustom Kulture - are finding large new audiences. Rat rods could also be called roots rods, since they often feature the stripped-down, hoodless and fender-free look of cars that were popular among early hot rodders.

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Some cars fit both categories. For rat rodders, billet aluminum has become a symbol and something to avoid. Essentially a large chunk of aluminum, it is milled on computer-driven machines to produce parts and wheels for the gleaming new hot rods that these traditionalists perceive as effete.

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Traditional rods, in contrast, are all about steel that can be hand-cut, bent and welded by the owner. These cars are free of aluminum and the modern technology that comes with it, and thus billetproof.

Twiggy Tallant's trek from "The Nerdy Stripper" to rat-rod grease monkey to reality-TV star is one of the most fascinating I've heard. First things first, the Toronto native is part of the new Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

On the same weekend that the Road Devils gathered in New Jersey, one of the largest shows of rat rods and similar cars took place in Antioch, Calif. The first Billetproof show, inattracted 26 cars. It has since outgrown several sites, and this year included more than vehicles.

Billetproof was founded by Kirk Jones, a graphic designer, and Jay Ward, who later joined Pixar and was in charge of creating characters for Cars, the studio's recent animated film. The traditionalists at Billetproof emphasize the hands-on side of hot rodding. They deride the expensive cars created in recent years as "trailer queens" and "midlife-crisis fluffmobiles" and disdain digital gauges and fiberglass parts.

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Ward and Jones began the show with a self-deprecating air - Billetproof calls itself "the world's least important car show" - but its ideals are firmly held. The award categories include Body Basher, for innovative body modifications; Odd Rod, for the best car from an extinct automaker; and Jive Bomber, for the most ragged entry.

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Billetproof admits only cars dating from beforeand the Road Devils limit members to pre models. For many clubs and shows, the dividing line isthe year the Ford Mustang went on sale. From the pony-car craze a new muscle-car scene arose - a culture very different from this one.

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Hot rodding was burned into pop culture by the music of the Beach Boys and the film American Graffiti. The quintessential hot-rod platform is probably the Ford coupe, the "little deuce coupe" of the Beach Boys song.

Show. Self (2 credits) Vegas Rat Rods - Bitchin' Rod - Fruit Rod - Electro Rod - Ranch Rod - Salt Flat Rod Naked News Oct 26,   Detroit Diesel 92 Series Powered Rat Rod on HOT ROD Power Tour Convertibles Roll Wild & Topless into Reno Hot August Nights. Giant Gallery Of Girls From MATS Las Vegas! Johnny PIN CURLS AND PISTONS / Hot rod babes not afraid to keep motors running all by themselves. Lisa Hix, Special to The Chronicle. Jan. 21, 8. 1 of 8 duphotos.net Kelly Floyd poses Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins

Hot-rod culture was also recognized as early as as an American folk art, at least on the West Coast, in several museum shows curated by Phil Linares of the Oakland Museum of California. For younger drivers, hot rodding is history waiting to be rediscovered and revived. The Road Devils sometimes attend shows in Las Vegas or California, like Billetproof.

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They hold two gatherings of their own each year, one in June and one around Halloween. Hanging out with the Road Devils or another club of rat rodders is like stepping into a black-and-white world.

Not only are most of the cars monochrome, save for the occasional accent of painted flames, but their owners tend to dress in black T-shirts, black Dickies pants and black work boots.

White socks can pass, akin to the wide whitewalls common on rat rods. Even some contemporary photos on club Web sites were shot in black and white.

Rat rodders favor hairdos as sculptured as their fenders, suggesting early Johnny Cash or characters from In Cold Blood.

They listen to rockabilly music - the garage was filled with the sounds of Gene Vincent and Johnny Burnette - from an iPod, one of the few nonblack objects in the place. The names of the clubs sound like biker gangs and rock bands. Many hot-rod clubs support specific bands, which appear at their gatherings.

The Road Devils, for instance, are friends with the Turbo ACs and the Tombstone Brawlers, two psychobilly bands. Psychobilly is rockabilly music infused with doses of punk and grunge.

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The club's elaborate Web site roaddevilsnj. com includes images of members' tattoos, many showing the club's devil-face logo.


Most members have tattoos, but the Road Devils do not require them, Mrozak said, as some clubs do. The Web site also offers links to a sort of women's auxiliary of pinup girls in Betty Page style. Most club members are men, though there are exceptions like the Piston Packin' Mamas, an all-women group in Seattle.

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In August, the Road Devils joined another club, the Rumblers, for a parking-lot show called Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills, under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York. The Rumblers have seven chapters across the country and two in Europe.

The Brooklyn gathering began in and includes Betty Page look-alikes drinking in a nearby bar called Union Pool. Rat rodders tend to be in their 20s or 30s, and many work in media or the visual arts; Mrozak runs an art gallery and store.

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Trailer hot Rod Girls from Hell. Photos Add Image.

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Top cast Edit. Joseph Billy Bob as Billy Bob. Craig Ingham The Sherrif as The Sherrif. Anna Cr Girl at diner as Girl at diner.

Hot rodding was burned into pop culture by the music of the Beach Boys and the film American Graffiti. The quintessential hot-rod platform is probably the Ford coupe, the "little deuce Hot Rod Girls from Hell: Directed by Rob Cleave. With Jarod A. Joseph, Craig Ingham, Anna Cr, Giorgia Christmas. Hillbilly, Billy Bob leaves the hills & heads Hot Rod Girl: Directed by Leslie H. Martinson. With Lori Nelson, Chuck Connors, John Smith, Mark Andrews. After his kid brother is killed in a street race, a champion drag-racer quits racing. However, a new kid comes to town determined to force him back into racing so he can take his title-and he's already taken his girlfriend

Giorgia Christmas. Doug Grevett Mac as Mac. Kasira Girl at club as Girl at club.

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Lidija Ribic Liddi Valdez as Liddi Valdez. Jane Rowland. Santa Strohfeldt.

Storyline Edit. hillbilly husband wife relationship diner waitress marijuana 2 more. Add content advisory.

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Did you know Edit. Trivia In the only scene that Billy Bob changes his outfit, another cast member wears it in the same scene.

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Hot Pink Rat Rod Dream Girl at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly party in Las Vegas, NV. The subjects in Jennifer Greenburg's photos not only dress like it's the s, they also drive cars Hot Pink Rat Rod Dream Girl, at VLV 12, Las Vegas, NV, There were also surprises for Greenburg, who grew up in Chicago in a Jewish, multicultural environment. An initial one was her Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins Oct. 1, LIKE many of those who created it in 's and 60's garages, the postwar hot rod culture has grown mature, rich and rather respectable. In place of personalized jalopies cobbled

A Great Look at Some Amazing Hot Rods. This film is a great low budget Australian film that showcases not only some great hot rods, it also shines on some amazing up-coming Australian talent. Producer, Director, Writer Rob Cleave has done a great job bringing this low budget feature to the screen A concept that features a Hillbilly trying to find his own place in the world by going on a road trip.

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He encounters all sorts of adventures along the way. A great focus of this film is all of the rare hot rods and American cars of the past that featured.

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You get to see everything from Rat Rods to the American classics. Stand out actors include, Santa Strohfeldt, Jane Rowland and Craig Ingham who do a great job in bringing their characters to life with some great moments captured on screen All in all a fun movie that will give you a laugh and a great look at cars from the past.

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