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I stayed up watching the speed of the boat increase. At We would be in Palmyra in no time. As I sat at the helm watching the instruments Elizabeth wakes up and asks if everything is ok.

  Three other boats are anchored here in the lagoon, all of which sailed from Hawaii. The cruisers are great company to have and we have all been rotating happy hour on each other's boats. Ruby Slippers, got a tear in their main sail while under way but   She's Topless Again! S1:E With only a few weeks before we begin full time cruising, we have some final business to attend to: - Kelly wraps up another year of Ballet. - Bikini Boat Wash. - We remove Satori's Mainsail for some well-needed repairs. - We fly to Minnesota to visit friends and family one last time   Naked girl on yacht. January 14, | 35, views |. Tags: boat lake yacht. Tags: boat lake yacht. Next Suzuki 4?4. Previous Eva G having fun on the beach

She pauses and looks around, not so much with her eyes but with all her senses. As any sailor knows a loose and flapping spinnaker is not only dangerous for the crew and the boat but is makes the most unholy of sounds flapping violently in the wind and against the rigging. I assumed that the sheet had parted due to high strain but quickly saw that the snap shackle had come undone.

These shackles are rated for a certain amount of load and we had just exceeded it. The weak link in the chain. Luckily we were both awake and reasonably alert.

I put Elizabeth at the helm she is excellent at the wheel and put on my life jacket with harness and tether for going up on deck at night. I grabbed my trusty head lamp in case the deck lights went out as they often do and slowly, deliberately made my way up the for deck clipping my harness in all along the way.

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Once I got up to the foredeck I was able to take it all in. The spinnaker had wrapped itself around the furled jib and the part that was free was flapping very hard. For a moment I wondered how much the sail could take before it started to come apart. I tried for 10 minutes to unwrapped the giant sail but the winds were to strong and the sail was unruly. I climbed back into the cockpit to rest and game plan with Elizabeth. We discussed cutting it loose but that was a last resort.

First plan was to get the spinnaker down and stowed by any means necessary.

I opened the forward hatch from below and then climbed back up to the foredeck. After letting go the spinnaker halyard the sail dropped nicely on to the deck.

I stuffed the head and as much of the sail as I could through the open hatch. Once I got the majority of the sail in the strain on the rest was lessened and it unwrapped and dropped pretty easily.

For a double handed cruiser there really is no difference between day and night other than daylight and darkness. A full moon at sea is an exhilarating energy. The sea is so alive. Schools of fish leap and fly, bigger fish fight close by to swallow as much as they can. The currents are stronger, the tides are higher, the storms move in a strange way across the sky. The sea speaks a certain way to itself and all that lives inside of it.

Theres a feeling about the ocean, an aura, a tone. Goodnight full moon, goodnight to you all.

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Picture above: Moon out of focus, in different shades as it rose. From the outer limits of civilization, from the border of the equator, from the edges of our precious Earth; we share with you our life in an oasis of blue shades and sunshine.

This is a path rarely chosen.

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Hard at times, yet exquisite in reward. Currently we are anchored at Fanning Island, also known as Kiribati pronounced Kiribas.

It is 4 degrees from the equator and is apart of the Gilbert Islands and the Line Islands. It has a population of 2, people.

The Island does not have a hotel, post office or airport. It is only accessible by boat, just like my heart.

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Not only does the coral burst with color and texture, but so does the land. Palm trees line the Island and locals collect coconuts as their main source of income.

The locals are extremely vivacious, genuine people. They are incredibly sincere and bewitched in our presences. All the elders speak English and the children try to improve their vocabulary with conversation. Three other boats are anchored here in the lagoon, all of which sailed from Hawaii. Ruby Slippers, got a tear in their main sail while under way but have recently fixed it while at anchor.

Except from a distance, surfing the breaks around the channel. There are exceptionally good surf breaks that are only surfable, due to the dry reef, when head-high or above. Though the town is extremely small they still manage to have some night life.

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We decided to just drink Coke, instead of risking the intake of local water mixed with the Kava. All the locals had a turn on stage with the Gilbertese karaoke. Darts, pool and a raffle were also apart of the entertainment. They undoubtably had respect for us and never made us feel out of place.

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Erik recognized many of them from the basketball court. Is this the same Pacific Ocean?

From what I remember of the Pacific Ocean, it growled at us and batted us around for three whole weeks on our sail from SF to HI. We felt like shark bait.

Now as we sail south from Hawaii to Fanning Island, we are sleeping through the night and making great time on a gentle beam reach.

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The spinnaker is carrying us along and we are catching plump healthy fish, daily. The sun is turning my red hair more blonde. We are enjoying every moment at sea and breathing in the purest air. Sometimes the ocean smiles upon us and sometimes it bites down. Saturday night on Journey consists of a new ritual that starts with taking the longest, warmest shower allowed all week, getting dressed up and then meeting in the galley for dinner and a movie.

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Our first sucessful date night was underway from Hawaii to Fanning Island. Weather sprung up around sunset Saturday night, just as we sat down to eat dinner. Pretty Cleaver. On the way to meet some friends, Kelly and I stop at a park in St. Petersburg to get a little drone flying in.

This drone os so easy to fly, it took kelly no time to get the hang of things. Even better is the 4K camera on this thing. Silky smooth 4K drone footage, yes please!

I can wait to see the kinds of shots we get with this amazong camera. Another must do before we leave is to spend some quiality time with friends and family. Her sister even brought Arthurs brother. They have a love hate relationship.

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We didnt have any wind that day, so we motored around tampa bay for a few ours. This worked our well though. Kelly and fly up north for some serious Minnesota summer fun. Make sure to watch the next episode as we exlore some of the best parts of Minnesota.

Previous Episode - Ep. Here is what we were posting on Facebook during this video. Here is what we were posting on Instagram during this video. Almost done with our trailer for YouTube! A post shared by Sailing Satori sailingsatori on Jun 4, at am PDT.

Our first Blue Apron meal! A post shared by Sailing Satori sailingsatori on Jun 2, at pm PDT. Ending Song - Figure It Out - Daniel Gunnarsson Download these songs for free at Epidemic Sound. As we wrap up the end of the dance season, I am working hard on choreography for our annual dance recital.

The Plunge - Sailing - S12E10

Even though I loved teaching technique and seeing my students grow on a technical level, it is a true joy to create a piece from start to finish and see the story come alive.

Can I ask your bloggers to follow me on Instagram? Today and tomorrow are her recitals for her dance class that she teaches.

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This is the last bit of dance she has left before we head off in you know just a few weeks here. I teach there.

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So, your class, your dance class. Do you want to explain how you talked me into coming? and you said yeah.

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Yeah, two days in a row. What we do for our women. Well, stay tuned. As our cast-off date quickly approaches, we have plans to visit Minnesota to see family and friends before we leave. With only a couple of work days left before our flight, we need to take full advantage of each day we have. Including this pre-storm Satori bath or as some may call it unnecessary click bait.

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I think we did it. Yeah, I think we did good. We did it.

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This is the last bit right here, look at that nasty dirty water coming off there. Like Cinderella. Just one of our many last-minute repairs includes a tear in our mainsail.

Here we remove the sail so it can be repaired while we are in Minnesota. Which way is the wind going? That way. Probably need a pliers.

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That is the problem we have. If that car was disconnected or moved up and we might not have this problem. Take the sail down? So, we have a fully battened mainsail.

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Which means the battens run all the way, back to front. Arthur, Arthur. Oh, I see. Can you take that?

Just a long piece of fiberglass.

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You know not to slide your hands along it right? Oh yeah. You get all the little pieces. Yeah, I forgot. The first thing you gotta do is get all these slid out so that when we drop it, we can transfer it to the dock and then flake it.

Oh, look at that. Beautiful sail burrito.

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