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The New York Times found dozens of documented cases through interviews with law enforcement officials, prosecutors, federal judges and immigrant advocates around the country, and a review of police reports and court records in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

The review showed more than documented reports of sexual assault of undocumented women along the border in the past two decades, a number that most likely only skims the surface, law enforcement officials and advocates say. In addition, interviews with migrant women and those working with them along the border point to large numbers of cases that are either unreported or unexamined, suggesting that sexual violence has become an inescapable part of the collective migrant journey.

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Sign up for Crossing the Border here ]. President Trump has used the threat faced by migrant women to make his case for a border wall.

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But less understood is that the violence that befalls migrant women happens not just during the perilous journey through Mexico: Much of it happens after women reach the supposed safety of the United States. In July, a year-old Honduran woman told the authorities that she was sexually assaulted in a bedroom closet by a smuggler who had helped her and her sister cross into the South Texas city of Mission.


Ina migrant woman fled a stash house in the South Texas city of Edinburg, where she said she had been raped by a smuggler who brandished a machete. In West Texas that same year, two teenage girls reported that they had been sexually assaulted by a Customs and Border Protection officer, who they said forced them to strip, fondled them, then tried to get them to stop crying by offering chocolates, potato chips and a blanket.

At least five of the women who were assaulted - in one casebound with duct tape, raped and stabbed - were attacked not by migrant smugglers, who are often the perpetrators, but by on-duty Border Patrol agents and Customs officers. Experts say the actual number of sexual assaults is almost certainly much higher than those documented by prosecutors and the police, because most attacks are never reported.

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Women have reported being assaulted in immigration detention facilitiesand the federal government over a recent four-year period has received more than 4, complaints about the sexual abuse of immigrant children at government-funded detention facilities.

The Times interviewed eight migrant women from Central America who were sexually assaulted between and - women still struggling with nightmares, depression and in some cases, thoughts of suicide. One reported that she was attacked in Mexico; six said they were assaulted in South Texas.

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One said she was attacked in both Mexico and South Texas. The oldest victims were in their early 40s when they were attacked; the two youngest were But all eight women either gave sworn testimony or submitted statements under penalty of perjury to the federal government in order to qualify for visas, and cooperated with the police in the investigation of their cases.

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They described a netherworld of fear that coexists with the bustling life of American cities up and down the border. One woman told of being held prisoner in a house that had been turned into a makeshift brothel in McAllen, a city ofin the Rio Grande Valley.

She said a series of men came into the house over the next several days and raped her. Gladys, 45, a mother of four from Guatemala, said she was kidnapped by armed smugglers after crossing the border and jumped out of a car to escape, but was captured again.

For days, she was held prisoner at a stash house in McAllen and forced to have sex with six men. Law enforcement officials on the border said they had made arrests in many of the cases brought to them and would pursue more if they could.

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But the majority of women who have been assaulted do not report it, often because their attackers threaten to expose their immigration status - or worse - if they do. One woman, raped repeatedly at gunpoint in a stash house in Phoenix insaid her attacker threatened to sell her 3-year-old daughter if she reported him.

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Those who do go to the authorities may not know the names of their attackers, or even where the assault occurred. The women are powerless by almost any measure. Most of the eight interviewed now live in the United States after receiving the victim-related visas.

They work in stores, restaurants and factories, most barely making a living.

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Their English is limited. Many of them have not even told their families what happened.

Romo Vejar, an Arizona lawyer who has represented many migrant women victimized by sexual assault. Lucy, 45, was raped while being forced to work at makeshift brothels, first in Mexico and then in McAllen.

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When we got to the house, there were many women. It was a big house.

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I wanted to flee but I was afraid they were going to kill me. When we crossed the river, there was a man waiting, a white guy with tattoos.

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He was in a truck. We got into the truck. He brought us into a house in McAllen. When we got there, the guy started talking and he said that I was new meat.

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Before, I could not talk about this. I would have panic, really serious panic. I thought that everyone in the world saw me as a prostitute. I come from a poor family but a very decent family. It has affected me, yes. But not anymore.

Those guys have mothers and daughters. What they did to us is what they did to women. Melvin, 36, was raped and forced into prostitution in a locked room at a stash house in McAllen. I lost count of how long I was there for. I think that since they put me in that room, they killed me.

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They have no mercy. And I remember that he grabbed me and at one point bit me, and when I arrived at the detention center, I still had the bite marks. I told them that it was my birthday.

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And according to them, the rape that day was for my birthday. I tried to commit suicide three times.

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