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The Church of Satan COS is a controversial religious organization that has caused a lot of fear and speculations all around the globe. It was founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in and it has been active ever since. Anton LaVey was a very charismatic man and he knew how to draw people to him and that helped him in forming a closed circle of people interested in Satanism. He was an author and an occultist and he published numerous books about Satanism with the help of his long-term partner Diane Hegarty, co-founder and the High Priestess of the Church of Satan. One of those books, if not the most important one, is the Satanic Bible - the book with all COS doctrines. One big misconception about the Church of Satan is that it is all about worshiping the devil, but it is not about the devil at all.

Via yoy Wild orgies and sex parties have always been a part of COS rituals but the sex has always been consensual.

However, as the panic around Satanism grew bigger, people started spreading the rumors about abductions and sexual assaults involving COS members, but nothing has ever been proven. Unfortunately, there was one incident that makes it easier to believe that those things actually did happen. He and his girlfriend, Mishael Nicely, lured a 19 year old into their home where they slipped her some drugs and then forced her to watch pornography while they sexually humiliated her.

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The Church of Satan was based on two different types of magic. COS members believe that there is no god and no devil, but that magic is always present around us and the scientists will prove its existence sooner or later.

Through the greater magic, one can manipulate different natural forces and use them for their own prosperity. Many of those rituals were performed by the COS founder Anton LaVey himself in his house in San Francisco.

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Via dailymail. Anton LaVey really did know how to throw some pretty wild parties. Satanism is all about indulging in sin and that is exactly what COS members were doing at those parties.

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There was a lot of good food, alcohol, and a lot of sex involved. It was all a part of the ritual to achieve the greater magic.

However, it was also pretty dark and scary. Just imagine one naked woman on the altar having sex with multiple partners with huge and creepy animal masks. Naked women were a must for almost every ritual and their naked bodies were captured in most of the pictures taken during Satanic rituals. Via: thewvsr. Sex was a very important part of almost every Satanic party and ritual and while there is nothing wrong with consensual sex between two adults, sex involving minors is a very serious and disturbing thing.

The COS founder Anton LaVey and the co-founder Diane Hegarty were in a relationship for many years and they had a daughter together - Zeena LaVey.

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Zeena grew up surrounded by the COS members and she was a part of many rituals, including her baptism that was the first baptism performed by the Church of Satan. Via oaprendizverde. One of the biggest misconceptions is the one that Satan demands human sacrifices and there have been serial killers who believed that that is what Satan expects them to do. One of the latest cases of that is the case of a pastor who used to perform his own kind of Satanic rituals in his church where he physically abused children and humiliated them sexually.

Via telegraph. Anton LaVey was a very charismatic person and he had his ways of drawing people into his circle. He managed to do that with some celebrities too.

Jayne Mansfield, the Hollywood sex icon, was not only ordained a High Priestess of the Church of Satan, she was also romantically involved with LaVey. Another well-known COS celebrity member was Sammy Davis Jr. He was offered an honorary COS membership and he accepted it publically during one of his concerts.

After that, he was seen wearing Satanic symbols and there was no doubt about him being a member of the Church of Satan. Via therichest. Have you ever wondered what the Church of Satan was actually all about?

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Well, most of the members are atheists; it is not about the god or about the devil. It is about magic and some basic principles of how one should live their life.

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The Church represents the opposite of what traditional religions represent. There are 9 basic Satanic principles that every Satanist should live by.

First of all, they should accept indulgence instead of the abstinence and they should accept hedonism and sin.

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However, the compulsion is not welcome. Via slate.

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They have adopted some of the Satanic symbols and they have their own kinds of Satanic rituals that involve making sacrifices for Satan. Some of the members have been accused of kidnapping young girls in order to include them in Satanic rituals and ultimately to sacrifice them to Satan. One of the girls managed to escape and she revealed the secrets of how those rituals looked. She was being raped and severely beaten repeatedly and she heard one of the gang members saying that Satan demands human sacrifices.

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Via cpm One of the first Satanic symbols that comes to the mind is the darkness of the color black. Anton LaVey painted his house black in order to make it a suitable place for Satanic rituals.

Also, Satanists almost always wear black clothes and they sometimes dye their hair black. It is actually connected to the jin and the jang - the darkness inside the light and the light inside the darkness.

The darkness cannot exist without the light and vice versa.

Also, people believe that certain colors have their specific magical properties and that black is considered to be the most powerful of all the colors. Via guff. It was a huge moral panic that originated in the US and it involved accusations of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse as a part of Satanic rituals.

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Therefore, make the most of your demon-spawned flesh, now that you wear it! There is another phenominon that will be eventually discovered. Even showers feel better!

The soreness you will inevitably feel the first few times after an exercise session, is the old, flimsy muscle that is gaining a comely appearance. You will even look better in your clothing. I have formulated the following training schedule that will reap you quick results. Bodybuilding is beneficial to all body-types on the Synthesizer Clock. With BB you will be able to shape, like a sculptor, your body to accentuate or detract any muscle group you desire.

But still ,whatever position you naturally fall in upon the clock, that is where you will stay, but you will develop to your highest potential.

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Weight amount in the beginning will depend upon how much you can initially lift. Select a weight you are comfortable with.

Muscle C hurch O f SATAN. Functioning under the guidance of the TEMPLE OF THE PHALLUS. Click here to edit subtitle Photo Gallery. Sign In or Register to add photos 4 Albums Recently Added | Most Commented: BAD bois. BAD bois; fbbmuscle fbb fbblover amazon female muscle female bodybuilding muscle bodybuilding femuscle big muscle flex flexing women who lift women with muscles muscular women big women huge muscles muscular. 80 notes. Aug 30th, Open in app For an example of Human Sacrifice in Satanic Pagan Religions from years ago - from Babylon itself, in the Book of Ruth in the Bible we have Ruth who as a Moabite has participated in Human Sacrifice. As she forswears this evil satanic Moabite religion and cleaves to Judaism, she is allowed to marry Boaz, ancestor of King David

at about every other week until you reach the size you desire. If you do not wish to gain in muscle mass, but seek only to tone the muscle, attaining lean muscle mass, work with a lighter weight, which you need not increase, although more repetitions are required.

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Add 10 20 repetitions to the denominator of the equation. After the first couple of beginning sessions, you will feel quite sore. Do not resume training that body part until you have recuperated.

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As to the following, you may train all body parts in one day, or spread the different body parts out over 2 3 days overall. NOTE: The numerator represents the of sets.

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The denominator represents the of repetitions. SATAN'S GYM Feel the burn Bend knees to squat while keeping heel elevated.

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Hiking is recommended as well. Begin with flatter landscapes, escalating to more challenging and gratifying activity, such as climbing and longer jaunts, perhaps eventual spelunking or rock-climbing. An hour enjoying the scenery with possible company, if desired, for pleasant conversation.

Would also be a wonderful time to listen to some favored music on a walkman. At least an hour of walking about is sufficient, or more if desired. A change of scenery from time to time should also preserve interest.

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Pick a safe route away from heavy traffic or locations known for criminal activity. Ideally, both would be eliminated completely. About minutes for beginners, more as one progresses. Sexercise : This gratifying activity provides both cardiovascular {repetetive movements inducing fresh sweat while increasing heart-beat}, and dynamic tension benefits {muscular contractions both sustained and repetetive}, and should be engaged in whenever opportunity arises.

Try various positions regularly which will become easier to engage in for longer periods of time. Sub-note to Sexercise : The question has arisen about the nutritional value of ingesting semen.

For safety reasons, whatever your predisposition, be sure your partner is devoid of venereal diseases. Others' envy of you, which in turn, will swell your Pride. Often, a look of fear is all that is required.

The formerly scrawny fellow may say, "Look at me now! His anger motivated him to train with the Charles Atlas system.

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GLUTTONY Any particular "diet" is not strictly recommended. The body will distribute the needed nutrients unto itself. The Three S's. That is to say, do not add extra amounts of these substances to your meal - foods already contain natural amounts of such, so it is largely unecessary to suppliment your repaste, for these are added for increased taste, not nutrition.

Over-eating is not too much of a problem, since the body's metabolism has been excellerated.

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