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Hinata Hyuga is one of the main characters of Naruto. Though at first she was shown as quite shy and weak she works hard being inspired by Naruto and becomes a great Ninja.

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Hinata has a curvy figure. I find her quite sexy more than various other female characters in the series. Hinata has the Kekkei Genkai, Byakugan, which is a visual prowess which the people of Hyuga clan possess. Read More: Best English Dubbed Anime. She is an S-class mage and is one of the strongest members of the Fairy Tail guild.

She has a voluptuous figure and wears a custom-built armour and also wears a blue skirt and diamond earrings. Erza is quite proud of the fact that she is the member of the Fairy Tail guild. The most important thing for her is being able to protect her companions.

Read More: Best Anime on Netflix. She was one of the very first members to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Nami is a talented navigator. She aims to make an accurate map of the entire world. Luffy always protects her and respects her. Nami has a slim and attractive figure. She has a tattoo on her arm which represents Milan and pinwheels. The tattoo is sort of a homage to her family in her village.

She wears various outfits throughout the series even wearing a bikini during one of the arcs. Read More: Best Vampire Anime of All Time. Next on list the pretty Asuna. This has earned her the nickname of Flash.

Being endowed with both skills and physical beauty, she is highly sought after by others. Read More: Best Anime of All Time. I know I am mentioning her as shy but later on, she trains hard to get stronger and not depend on anyone else. She is one of the prettiest girls in the series with the right attributes in the right places.

She has a crush on Ichigo but always finds it difficult to confess her feelings. Inoue is a sweet and sexy girl. Read More: Best Anime Shows of All Time.

She is a skilled fighter and has a really attractive figure. Her sultry and revealing outfit compliments her sexy body. She has abilities similar to that of a lion. When she transforms she resembles the big feline and has feline-like ears, claws, and tail. Her hair grows longer too.

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She is a cheerful person and lacks ladylike manners as she keeps on shoving Tatsumi into her chest. Read More: Upcoming Anime Movies. She sports a toned figure and has quite muscular and agile features. She is one of the best soldiers and is a great weapon against the Titans. What attracts most people is her unconditional love for Eren and how she wants to protect and keep him safe.

She is a great choice for a companion.

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Read More: Saddest Anime of All Time. Now, we have a dangerous diva. She wears unbuttoned jeans which are cut off to resemble shorts. A black crop-top covers her upper body revealing her navel. She sports a ponytail with bangs on her forehead. She has a tan complexion.

Not much is known about her past or how she ended in Roanapur, where the anime is set. If you make one wrong move against her, you will be dead. Read More: Anime Like Vampire Knight. Like for instance, she lifted her skirt up for Master Roshi so that she can get the dragon ball.

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She is currently married to Vegeta and is the mother of Trunks and Bulla. Read More: Anime Like Re Zero. Rangiku Matsumoto is a name synonymous with curves. Her name would never go unmentioned in a conversation about curvaceous and buxom beauties from anime.

Her biggest feature is her large bosom, which she keeps on display by letting her robe hang loose. She is a greatly skilled fighter and is the lieutenant under captain Toshiro. Read More: Anime Like Parasyte. Man, she is sexy and gorgeous. I love her long hair. She is a well endowed and tall female character. Her attractive figure allows her to be seductive at times. Generally, she wears the academy uniform but sometimes we do get a glimpse of her sexy body when she wears some sexy lingerie.

She is a pure-blooded devil and was the one to reincarnate Issei after he was killed. She has strong affections for Issei. Read More: Anime Like Trinity Seven.

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She is a sexy and tall woman with beautiful long legs and slender arms. Nico often wears uniforms which reveal her cleavage. She has black hair and a tan complexion. She is the last survivor of her island Ohara and is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates where she works as an archaeologist. Her long legs add to her fighting capabilities. Read More: Anime Like Maid Sama. Here we have one of the sexiest mage, Cana Alberona.

She is a curvy woman with a nice rack upstairs.

She has rounded, curvy and firm hips. Her hair reaches up to the mid-portion of her back. She mostly wears revealing outfits which nicely shows-off her assets.

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Cana is an S-class mage and is known to frequently drink but never get drunk. She is a skilled mage and often uses kinky moves in her battle. Read More: Best Adult Anime of All Time. She also sports revealing outfits which accentuates her looks and gives us the pleasure of looking at some wonderful and deep cleavage.

Boa is a tall and slender woman with a thin waist and long black hair. She is the captain of Kuja Pirates. Read More: Anime Like No Game No Life. Her pussy is soaked and she finally cums all over his stiff wood. A stunning redhead and her hubby have decided to rekindle the passion in a luxurious hotel.

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