Lending Policy 2017/2018

As a DUPA member you can get free access to equipment and to our library. You can check out a directory of our library here and a list of equipment here. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Reserve: Email Nathan on to reserve the book you want to take out.
  2. Confirm: Nathan will respond whether or not the book is available; and if not put you on the waiting list for that book.
  3. Collect: Collect on agreed time with Katie and bring along the correct deposit and your student/staff ID card to the committee room.
  4. Return: At agreed time.


  • 150 Years of Photo Journalism (2 Volumes)
    Nick Yapp, Amanda Hopkinson
    ISBN: 3-89508-099-3 (Volume 1), 3-89508-100-0 (Volume 2)
  • André Kertész
    Series: Aperture Masters of Photography
    André Kertész (Photographer), Carole Kismaric (Introduction)
    ISBN: 0-89381-740-6
  • Bill Brandt: Photographs 1928–1983
    Bill Brandt (Photographer), Ian Jeffrey (Editor)
    ISBN: 0-500-27726-5
  • Brassaï: The Eye of Paris
    Brassaï (Photographer), Anne W Tucker (Author)
    ISBN: 0-8109-6380-9
  • Dark Odyssey
    Phillip Jones Griffiths (Photographer), Murray Sayle (Introduction)
    ISBN: 0-89381-645-0
  • DUPA Photobook 2014
    Sergey Alifanov, Callum Brown, Gearoid Gibbs, Joey Holland, Jeanne Kretzschmar, Dawid Podkidacz
  • DUPA Photobook 2015
    Sergey Alifanov, Callum Brown, Gearoid Gibbs, Tomasz Szykulski, Jennifer Morabito, Anubhav Vanamamalai, George Voronov, Leonore Garnier, Gabriele Pierantoni, Grace Nuttal, Fabiola Guzman
  • Edward Weston
    Series: Aperture Masters of Photography
    Edward Weston (Photographer), R H Cravens (Introduction)
    ISBN: 0-89381-747-3
  • Europeans
    Henri Cartier-Bresson (Photographer), Jean Clair (Author)
    ISBN: 0-500-28122-X
  • Handcoloring Photographs: Step by Step
    Sandra Laird, Carey Chambers
    ISBN: 0-936262-54-0
  • How to Read a Photograph: Understanding, Interpreting and Enjoying the Great Photographers
    Ian Jeffrey
    ISBN: 978-0-500-28784-2
  • Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice: A Manual of Black & White Processing & Printing (3rd Edition)
    Jack H Coote
    ISBN: 0-240-51368-1
  • Kodak Color Darkroom Dataguide
    Eastman Kodak Company
    ISBN: 0-87985-611-4
  • Langford’s Starting Photography: A Guide to Better Pictures for Digital and Film Camera Users (5th Edition)
    Philip Andrews, Michael Langford
    ISBN: 978-0-240-52056-8
  • New York Vertical
    Horst Hamann (Photographer)
    ISBN: 3-8238-0370-0
  • Olympus Modern Classics: Complete User’s Guide
    Series: Hove Modern Classics
    Harold Franklin
    ISBN: 0-906447-90-9
  • The Darkroom Cookbook (3rd Edition)
    Steve Anchell
    ISBN: 978-0-240-81055-3
  • The Photo Book
    Editors of Phaidon Press
    ISBN: 0-7148-3634-6
  • The Magic of Light – An Emerging Vision
    Peter Holmes Sellers
  • The Photograph
    Series: Oxford History of Art
    Graham Clarke
    ISBN: 0-19-284200-5
  • Magnum Magnum
    Brigitte Lardinois (Editor)
    ISBN: 978-0-500-28830-6
  • Paterson Darkroom Basics … and Beyond (1st Edition)
    Kubilis, John; Morton, Timothy Dwight
    ISBN: 1-85585-812-6
  • Photography: The New Complete Guide to Taking Photographs
    John Freeman
    ISBN: 1-84340-270-X
  • Photography Until Now
    Series: Springs of Achievement Series on the Art of Photography
    John Szarkowski
    ISBN: 0-87070-573-3
  • The Portfolio of Ansel Adams
    Ansel Adams (Photographer), John Szarkowski (Contributor)
    ISBN: 0-8212-5822-2
  • Public Bodies/Private States: New Views on Women and Representation
    Series: Photography – Critical Views
    Jane Brettle (Editor), Sally Rice (Editor)
    ISBN: 0-7190-4121-X
  • Rodchenko: Photography 1924–1954
    Alexander Rodchenko (Photographer), Alexander Lavrentiev (Editor)
    ISBN: 3-89508-110-8
  • Classic Essays on Photography (Paperback)
    Alan Trachtenberg (Editor)
    ISBN: 0-918172-08-X
  • The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-step Secrets for How to Make Your Photos Look Like the Pros’! (Paperback)
    Scott Kelby (Author)
    ISBN: 032147404X
  • Michael Freeman’s 101 Top Digital Photography Tips (Paperback)
    Michael Freeman (Author)
    ISBN: 1600594182
  • Through the Lens: “National Geographic”‘s Greatest Photographs (Hardback)
    National Geographic (Author)
    ISBN: 079226164X
  • Pilgrimage (Hardback)
    Annie Leibovitz (Author)
    ISBN: 0375505083
  • Exploring the Irish Landscape (Hardcover)
    Enda Cavanagh (Author)
    ISBN: 0956764304
  • Budapest (City Guide) 
    Lonely Planet
    ISBN: 1740597923
  • Stockholm
    DK Eyewitness Travel Guide
    ISBN: 1405346922
  • The Irish Light (Harcover)
    Peter Cox
    ISBN: 1908655054
  • Listen (4th Ed.)
    Joseph Kerman
    ISBN: 1572594225
  • Understanding Exposure (3rd Ed.) : How to shoot great photographs with any camera
    Byran Peterson
    ISBN: 0817439390
  • The Poloid Book: Selections from the Polaroid Colections of Photography
    Barbara Hitchcock
    ISBN: 3836501899
  • Lomo Life: The Further is Analogue
    Neil Gaiman
    ISBN: 0500544212
  • Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography
    Barthes, Roland
    ISBN: 0099225417
  • The Photograph as Contemporary Art
    Charlotte Cotton
    ISBN: 0500204012


  • Source: Ireland’s Photographic Review
    ISSN: 1369-2224

    • Vol 4, No 2
      Summer/Autumn 1997
    • Vol 4, No 3
      Autumn/Winter 1997
    • Vol 4, No 4
      Spring 1998
    • Vol 5, No 1
      Summer 1998
    • Vol 5, No 2
      Autumn 1998


  • Annie Leibovitz – Life Through a Len
  • Blow Up
  • Contacts, Vol. 1: The Great Tradition of Photojournalism
  • Contacts, Vol. 3: Conceptual Photography
  • The Salt of the Eath – by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribero Salgado
  • Salvador
  • Helmut Newton: Frames from the Edge
  • The Genius of Photography