This week’s events 19-11-2012

There’s lots of events coming up over the next while so this post should keep everyone informed.

Firstly, on Wednesday we have our weekly class with the lovely Gab. This classes introduces the concept of metering. This is how your camera suggests to you or directly decides for you what are the best settings for a particular shot. You will learn how to use the different settings in an SLR. This class is fit for both Analog and Digital Photography. Do not be a slave of your camera, learn how it thinks to make the most of it ! The facebook event is here:

Secondly, DUPA is to going to Paris this year!! Signups will be at 6:30 on Wednesday (before the class) outside the Ui Chaodain Theatre in the artsblock. The trip will cost €120, this includes flights, accommodation (in one of the highest rated hostels in Paris) and banter! The trip will take place on the 7th-10th of February. A €50 deposit must be put down with the signup on wendesday to reserve your place. The facebook event is here:

Thirdly, submissions are now open for the christmas exhibition! The “christmas” exhibition will take place the evening of November 28th in the lovely Atrium. It’s a perfect chance for you to get some of your photographs seen. There is no theme, and we are accepting submissions in print form, preferably 12″ x 10″ or 10″ x 8″. All submissions welcome! You can drop them into the DUPA room (room 1 in the Atrium) on Monday November 26th between 12 and 1, but just reply to this email if that time doesn’t suit and we can arrange something.

Fourthly, On the 27th of November DUPA will be hosting a photography critique with photographer Dominique ‘Dusty’ Beyens ( Places are limited and can be booked by emailing attaching your submissions for the critique. Places are assigned on a first come first served basis. The aim of the critique is to create an environment were members are comfortable opening up their images to group discussion and then can learn from that discussion the aesthetic elements which make their images interesting. The evening will begin with Dominique presenting some of his favourite pieces of work and providing an analysis on their aesthetics while taking questions from the group. The floor is then opened up for the discussion of student images. Students can choose to present their images to the group or have them presented anonymously. Wine will be flowing!

Finally, on Thursday we have our more darkroom classes! There will be one class at 1 and another at 6. You will need to put down your name on the signup sheet on the billboard under front arch as numbers are limited, but don’t worry if you don’t get a place this week as we’ll be running the classes weekly from now on so that everyone gets a chance.

End transmission.