Week 2 with DUPA

Week 2 with DUPA

Hope you enjoyed Week 1! There’s more where that came from this week, with our second class, not one but TWO photowalks and a ***competition*** to keep everyone busy!

Read on for the details…


Class 2 – The Composition Handbook Part I

Wednesday 5 October, 7pm, Robert Emmet Theatre Arts Block


What makes a photo look good?

Great composition!


Composition is the way in which photographers guide the viewer’s eye towards the important elements in an image. Well-executed composition can make a masterpiece even out of the dullest subjects, in the plainest environments. This week Mike talks to us about fundamental composition guidelines, and how and where to place various elements in an image.

This class will be geared towards discussing concepts that can be used by anyone with any kind of camera system; so dSLR heavy-weights and iPhone-enthusiasts alike are welcome!


Deer and Bat Photo Walk in Phoenix Park – in association with DU Zoological Society

Friday 7 October, 4.45pm, meet at Campanile


This week Zoo Soc and DUPA team up for a trip out to Phoenix Park to watch the deer rut! This is quite a spectacular event with large males adorned with huge antlers crashing into each other, and should make for some stunning wildlife photos! After that Zoo Soc will be showing us some of the numerous bat species that occur in the park using bat detectors.

Don’t have a camera? No problem! Come along anyway to escape the hustle and bustle of campus life and observe the wonderful wildlife Dublin has to offer!


We’ll be meeting at the campanile at 4.45pm, then getting the bus over to the park as a group!



Healthy Trinity Photo Competition: Health and Wellbeing in Trinity! – in association with Healthy Trinity: Healthy Campus Group

Deadline: Friday 14 October


For our first competition of the year we’re teaming up with Healthy Trinity, and looking for photos that come under the theme is ‘Health and Wellbeing in Trinity.’ This can include physical, social, and psychological health and wellbeing!

The winner will receive a €200 One-4-Alll voucher, and have their work displayed and used in promotional material by Healthy Trinity – so get shooting to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize!

To enter, simply email up to three photos and accompanying captions to exhibitions@duphotos.net under the subject line ‘HEALTHY TRINITY.’


Deadline for submissions is Friday October 14th.


***Note: Healthy Trinity reserve the right to use images submitted to the competition in future promotional material. All due credit will be awarded to photographers, where their work is used.***



‘Shoot to Print’ Part 1: Analogue Photography Photo Walk

Wednesday 5 October, 12pm / 2.30pm


***NOTE: Access to a 35mm analogue camera is necessary to take part in this photo walk. Black and white film can be acquired from the DUPA committee room between 12.30-1.30pm on Tuesday.***


‘Shoot to print’ is a five-part course, taking place every two weeks, and is aimed at those who are already shooting OR have a strong interest in shooting 35mm black and white photography. The course is designed to take you simply from one point to another; shoot the film in class one … finish printing your favourite shot in class five! Participants will be encouraged and directed to progress in-between classes with their own darkroom sessions and even encouraged to pair up in two’s, so they have someone to help or vice versa! The course will offer one-to-one teaching and guidance and so spaces are limited. A total of 6 people can take part, so book quickly.


Part One begins this Wednesday, the 5th of October with two scheduled Photo-walks around Trinity College and/or City Centre areas such as Stephens Green (fingers crossed for decent weather!). Meet Simon at the DUPA office at either 12pm or 2:30pm. Bring your 35mm camera and a roll of black and white film. It is STRONGLY encouraged that everyone take the same roll of film from the society office, as this will make developing a lot easier! This first class is intended to help you get to know your camera and shooting skills better, with added guidance on how to assess the light conditions of a scene, and is of course an opportunity to ask all the questions your need to ask about your gear and how to shoot film for good results.


Sign up for the course on eventbrite!



***Taking part in this series will cost €2 per session. Please remember to bring the FULL registration fee of €10 with you to the walk!!***