Week 4 with DUPA

Week 4 with DUPA

It’s fourth week! That means only good things here at DUPA – this week’s class and out Light Painting event are absolutely FREE and available to everyone in college, i.e. you don’t even need to be a DUPA member (but you definitely should be anyway).


Professional Studio Headshots by DUPA

Friday 28 October, 10am-4pm, Atrium


Need the edge on LinkedIn? Just want a sweet new profile pic?

DUPA is getting behind the camera and wants to capture you in a professional photo studio environment. Our second and final headshot event of this year, book now to secure your place.

Choose a time and book online. Show up to the Atrium beside the Dining Hall at your selected time on Friday 28 October. You will have a choice of black or white backdrop, and will receive your professional headshot in both colour and monochrome via email shortly after the event.

Trinity’s Career Advisory Service says “LinkedIn profiles with a good, professional looking photo are 14 times more likely to be viewed. Employers go to LinkedIn to check out candidates, and your LinkedIn picture is a key part of your profile. It’s important to include a photograph that creates a professional impression so that any employer looking at your profile knows you’re serious about your career.”

Portraits cost €10 with online pre-booking essential. Register at:



Class 4 – Camera Handling Part I

Wednesday 19 October, 6pm, Joly Theatre Hamilton Building

This week Mike covers the anatomy of the camera and introduces us to concepts of exposure theory. This class will act as a precursor to our Light Painting Workshop at 7pm.

Because it’s Fourth Week, this class will be open to anyone in college who wants to come along (i.e. you don’t have to be a DUPA member!).


Light Painting Workshop

Wednesday 19 October, 7pm, Meet at Campanile

Light painting is a fantastically fun technique of physically drawing with light sources after dark. We’ll be bringing our famous pixel stick out to play as well, so the class is guaranteed to have you involved and creating great images while all the time expanding on your knowledge photography.

What you will need for the workshop:

- Anything to stabilise your camera, a tripod is preferred but it’s always possible to DIY something (a bag of rice works well)

- A camera with manual control over exposure and focus.

- Optional: A light source; torches, sparklers, bike lights, fairy lights, flash guns.. Anything! Here’s to taking some great pictures. 

We will also bring down a limited number of tripods and cameras to share.

 Our class at 6pm will be covering the basics of exposure theory and camera handling, so if you’re not too sure on how to use the functions on your camera, we would recommend coming down to the class to get your head around some of the fundamentals.

Because it’s Fourth Week, this workshop will be open to anyone in college who wants to come along (i.e. you don’t have to be a DUPA member!).