Week 8 with DUPA

Week 8 with DUPA

Hope everyone had a great reading week! To welcome everyone back to Michaelmas term, DUPA has a great calendar lined up to keep you snap-happy through the winter blues.


Class 5 – Landscape Photography

Wednesday 16 November, 6pm, Synge Theatre HAMILTON Building (Not AB)

We’re back from Reading Week and back to class! This week Darragh takes us through some of the techniques involved in landscape photography. This class acts as a precursor to the photo walk we’ll be going on next week to the Grand Canal Dock area!



Introduction to Darkroom

Thursday 17 November, 6.30pm, Atrium Darkroom

We’re having another hour-long darkroom workshop that will provide a general overview of how to get to grips with the darkroom for those with little or no experience of using it, providing to participants a thorough explanation of how to use the equipment such as the enlarger, photo-sensitive paper, chemicals and understanding grades of contrast, all in the area of black and white printing. There will be a demo during the class to demonstrate firsthand the entire process.

PLEASE NOTE: These workshop is merely a demo, so we will not have the time to develop each participant’s roll of film! If you would like to develop your film, please book the darkroom after the workshop on: http://duphotos.net/darkrooms/darkroom-booking/

Given limited capacity, prior sign-up to the workshop is required. You can sign up for the workshop here:


Don’t know where the darkroom is? You can find directions here!


***NOTE: The class will cost €2 per attendee, and will be collected before the class commences.***