Week 9 with DUPA

Week 9 with DUPA

It’s going to be a good week here at DUPA. Not only is the inimitable Gottfried Helnwein coming to talk to us (!) but submissions for the Christmas Exhibition are now open! It’s a brilliant theme this year, so make like Madonna and #expressyourself


Christmas Exhibition

Submissions open (up to three per person)

Deadline 30.11.16

Link to event

Submissions are now open for DUPA’s Christmas Exhibition 2016! The theme this year is “freedom of expression”.

With a rise in political engagement and a newfound sense of confidence, young people across the country are finding new ways to express themselves. During the marriage-equality referendum and now with the movement to repeal the eighth amendment, we’ve seen the various ways that we can do this; through our art, our clothes, on social media.. We’ve seen that this is not always easily done and that open conversations are not always easily had. We want to know how you express yourself, what you want to express, political or otherwise, and whether or not you feel free to do so. Anyone can submit work, up to three pieces. The deadline is Wednesday 30th November. We will display selected submissions in Week 11.

Introduction to Darkroom

Tuesday 22 November, 6.30pm, Atrium Darkroom

We’re having another hour-long darkroom workshop that will provide a general overview of how to get to grips with the darkroom for those with little or no experience of using it, providing to participants a thorough explanation of how to use the equipment such as the enlarger, photo-sensitive paper, chemicals and understanding grades of contrast, all in the area of black and white printing. There will be a demo during the class to demonstrate firsthand the entire process.

PLEASE NOTE: These workshop is merely a demo, so we will not have the time to develop each participant’s roll of film! If you would like to develop your film, please book the darkroom after the workshop on: http://duphotos.net/darkrooms/darkroom-booking/

Given limited capacity, prior sign-up to the workshop is required. You can sign up for the workshop here:


Don’t know where the darkroom is? You can find directions here!


***NOTE: The class will cost €2 per attendee, and will be collected before the class commences.***

Gottfried Helnwein, Fine Art Photographer, Speaks to DUPA

Thursday 24 November, 1pm, Robert Emmet Theatre, Arts Block

This week DUPA welcomes Austrian-Irish fine art photographer Gottfried Helnwein to speak to the society.

Helnwein studied at the University of Visual Art in Vienna. His work is concerned primarily with psychological and sociological anxiety, historical issues and political topics. His subject matter is the human condition. The metaphor for his art is dominated by the image of the child, particularly the wounded child, scarred physically and the child scarred emotionally from within.

Helnwein will be discussing his work, followed by a Q&A session after.


***This event is open to DUPA members only. If you are not a member but would like to attend the talk, you can sign up to become a member for €3 at the door.***

Photowalk: Grand Canal Dock at Night

Friday, 25th November, meet outside Science Gallery at 5.30pm

Following his landscape photography class last week, Darragh will be bringing the DUPA troops down to Grand Canal Dock for some long exposure landscape photography practice. We’ll be meeting outside the Science Gallery at 5.30pm.

Because we’ll be shooting in low light conditions and using long exposures, it is highly recommended that participants bring tripods with them to the walk. Some tripods may be available to rent from DUPA prior to the walk – email equipment@duphotos.net to check availability.