Welcome back DUPAlings!

Hello and welcome back lovely DUPAlings!

We hope you’ve all had a great time chilling out and taking lots of pretty pictures this summer! We must awaken from our slumber and kick things up a gear as freshers week fast approaches once again though. In just a week and a half we’ll be back out on front square flaunting our photogenic selves with our photosensitive equipment.

However, even during our sleepy summers, the cogs of DUPA never stop turning behind the scenes and we already have an awesome year lined up for you. Trips, classes, talks, events, exhibitions, masterclasses and more are in the pipeline for this DUPAlicious year. Not to mention our shiny new website which you have evidently found if you’re reading this right now. We’ll be posting up our ideas, tips and techniques as well as anything else that takes our (or your) fancy over the year! If you want to contribute your own piece and/or photography then we’ll be more than happy to feature you on the website. More updates to come!

Happy Snapping,